The law allows you to go bankrupt. In fact, tens of thousands of Australians find bankruptcy to be the best solution for their overwhelming debt each year.

But where to start?

At Aravanis, we’re all about providing you with information about the personal insolvency options available to you without the industry jargon.

The best person to decide the next move for your financial future is you – but you need the right information to ensure your decision is an informed one.


What is bankruptcy? A guide to Australian Bankruptcy

What is Bankruptcy – and why that can sometimes be a loaded question. There’s a lot to understand if you’re going to answer the question ...

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Why do people file for Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy has been designed to provide you with protection and a fresh start The reality is that putting off dealing with your debt may not only ...

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How will bankruptcy affect me?

Let’s be clear; while bankruptcy is serious, it isn’t the end of the world. The bankruptcy act is a pretty complex piece of legislation and how ...

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Fact versus fiction: Myths about bankruptcy in Australia

Only deadbeats, cheats and criminals file for bankruptcy, right? Wrong. Bankruptcy is a legal process, and with that comes complexity. It also ...

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Frequently Asked Questions in bankruptcy

The following frequently asked questions (FAQs) section covers a variety of impacts of becoming bankrupt. If you‘re thinking about filing for ...

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Bankruptcy doesn’t mean you'll lose it all

Bankruptcy is a legitimate way of resolving overwhelming debt. Yet despite it being the best solution for many Australians drowning in debt, there remain many misconceptions about what bankruptcy may actually mean at a personal level.

As a result, there are more myths surrounding bankruptcy than there are in Greek mythology (OK, maybe not more, but definitely close!). So we’ve outlined the top 5 worries our clients have – from losing homes, cars and jobs through to overseas travel and repayments – and explain why they may not be a problem at all.