Bringing a new approach to bankruptcy

As one of the largest registered bankruptcy Trustees in Australia, we try to work with each and every client to achieve mutually-desired outcomes wherever possible.

We don’t believe in a standard ‘one size fits all’ approach because everyone is different. What we do believe in is looking at every client as a person, and working with you to understand your situation, your challenges, and your needs.

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What does our average client look like?

Just like your neighbour. Your colleagues. Your best friend. Your parents. You.

Our clients come from a diverse range of backgrounds. They’re hard-working individuals, just like you, who have been impacted by illness, unemployment, a relationship breakdown or other external factors.

People filing for bankruptcy come from all forms of life. They include chief executives, general managers, legislators and specialist managers. There are also people who have experience in the arts, media, business, human resources, legal, accounting, finance, design, engineering, information & communications technology, education and marketing. Health professionals, bankers, welfare support workers, carers, aides, sports people, protective service workers, police and defence officers, clerical and administrative support workers, sales representatives and agents, store-persons and assistants also apply for bankruptcy, as well as labourers, machine operators, drivers, students, stay at home parents, and even people on the pension.

Best Personal Insolvency Accounting & Bankruptcy Trustee Firm 2019 & 2020 - Australian Enterprise Awards

Trustees in bankruptcy

In Australia, the administration of a Bankruptcy or Personal Insolvency Agreement can only be controlled by a licensed practitioner.

This practitioner must be an industry leader when it comes to experience and knowledge, have formal qualifications in either accountancy or commercial law, and be registered with the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA).

With over 25, 14 and 13 years in the industry respectively, and having cemented a reputation as three of the good guys, Andrew Aravanis, Ronil Roy and Alexander Clark are such practitioners.

Collective human insight

The behaviour behind the brand...

If only the walls could talk… we might be insolvency ninjas, but sometimes our conversations are just downright bizarre. After all, do we really believe that hypercoloured t-shirts have a place in fashion?

Icon to represent Game of Thrones Most admired Game of Thrones character?

The Mother of Dragons

Khaleesi/Daenerys Targaryen (although there is also respect for ‘anyone who is still alive’)

Icon to represent Starwars Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars

With a ratio of 3:1, collectively we prefer Star Wars over Star Trek

Icon to represent dog Cats or Dogs?


At a ratio of 2:1, it’s dogs all the way

icon to represent tea Hot beverage fans?


Yes sir! 1.8 cups of tea or coffee are consumed by each team member every day (with coffee drinkers outranking tea drinkers 2:1)

icon to represent doughnut Doughnuts or muffins?


Close call, but doughnuts came through in the end (only by two votes)

icon to represent hiking Hike or bike?


Only a third of us prefer two wheels

icon to represent sunset Summer or winter?


Who were those 5 traitors who love Winter? Summer all the way in this team

icon to represent student Favourite school subject?


Yeah, we know … predictable

icon to represent rollercoaster Rollercoasters… yes or no?

A resounding YES!

3:1 in favour of the thrill ride

icon to represent spider Sharks or spiders?

It's a tie

We’re basically all scaredy-cats

icon to represent music Musical acts we’d love to be?

Destiny’s Child/Spice Girls

Closely followed by the Beatles, Abba and Guns n Roses

Somehow The Wiggles and The Rolling Stones were a tie for votes… go figure

icon to represent physical activities Favourite physical activities?


Watching TV in our exercise gear was also a hotly-contested choice

icon to represent fashion Things we think should come back into fashion

1970's fashion baby

Despite a love for mullets, we believe that 1970’s sideburns, moustaches and flares are sorely missed from today’s fashion pages

icon to represent languages Languages spoken


English, Greek, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, Portuguese, Indonesian, Fiji Hindi, Fijian, Tongan, Croatian, Bengali, Korean, Newari, Hindi, Nepali, Italian, Farsi, Norwegian, VBA and HTML (it’s a nerd thing)

icon to represent pizza First law if we were rulers?

There would be a few…

• 3-day weekends (and public holidays every month)
• Free pizza for all
• The Queensland State of Origin team starts every game with a 40-point deficit
• Free transport to work
• Daylight savings all year round

Join the Aravanis Team

We’re after talent with heart. Aravanis is about people. We’re here because of our clients.

We’re people first and foremost, and we want the very best for our team, our clients and our colleagues. You’ll want to work with us because you genuinely want to help people. You recognise that insolvency is more than just paperwork – it’s about the people behind that paperwork.

You’ll have the right skills, but also the right approach

The skills you have are important because you’ll need to think and solve problems.

You’ll need to lend your brain spark to colleagues, working collaboratively to elevate one another. You’ll know how to push yourself and inspire those around you. And you’ll champion both your clients and your teammates.

Being a member of team Aravanis doesn’t mean you’re just an insolvency specialist who “just does work”. The work we do matters to the people we help, and their future success depend on our collaborations.

If you’re hell-bent on a career in insolvency, let’s talk

If Aravanis sounds like your dream employer, then please get in touch. We’re always on the lookout for amazing talent.

Let’s be real though – we have high standards and even higher expectations. You must be committed. You must be driven. And you must be ready to recognise that insolvency is more than a numbers game – it’s a people thing.

So if you’re ready for an adventure, shoot an email to and include the following:

  • A catchy subject line
  • Your best teamwork tactic
  • A cover letter outlining why you want to work at Aravanis
  • Your top three skills
  • Your resume
  • Your hot beverage of choice
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